Taksim Photography

Taksim photography attracts people's attention. There is a very different history and culture here. This place is most popular with young people nowadays. Istiklal Street is a great location with everything. Every part of Taksim smells of a different story. The tram called Taksim Tunnel is a great location for both transportation and photography. This place, which is very popular with young people, is very important for us. This is one of the best places we shoot. As Rooftop Galata, we document your most special moments. Thus, an unforgettable Taksim memory can always be with you.

Taksim Square, located in Istanbul neighbourhood, is one of the city's most famous landmarks. It is one of Istanbul's most important tourist attractions, featuring restaurants, shopping, hotels, entertainment, and cultural venues. Taksim Square, which became a square during the Republican Period, also served as a venue for various political and social gatherings.

The Place Where Photography is Most Active: Taksim

Taksim is the most popular location with its unique architecture and many visitors. That's why we shoot a lot here. We are shooting with professional people. We provide all of them for you, be it clothing or transportation. We cannot classify Taksim as a district. It is more correct to think of it as a square surrounded by buildings.

The district, which was a narrow area surrounded by historical houses in the past, has gained its current character by turning it into a square and enlarging it over time. On national holidays, the Republic Monument in the middle of the square serves both as a ceremonial area and as a gathering area for those who come to spend time on and around Istiklal Street. The old tram goes from the beginning of the square to Tünel Square. Here, too, great photos emerge.


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