Istanbul Photography

Istanbul is a metropolitan city located in Turkey. It is a city with a population of more than 15 million. This crowded situation has developed this city in many different areas. It is possible to say that it has developed the most as cultural tourism. Photography is the most prominent part in this regard. Thanks to smartphones, we have become obsessed with taking pictures. Each of us takes very different pictures per minute, such as selfies, coffee, food, world, book etc. We will not tell you about it here. We will talk to you about professional Istanbul photography. Not every camera is suitable for this. Not every photographer manages to capture this.

Who we are and What is our Purpose?

First of all, we will introduce ourselves to you and then tell you about our work. As Rooftop Galata, we want to take the best photos of you. We do not want your beautiful memories that you will remember in your life to be just memories. We make you a part of Istanbul with our outdoor shoots. This is because this city needs it. We can say that this city needs its fans. You will say, do cities need people? Of course, it will. Cities are nothing without people. If you don't go to Galata, if it doesn't go, who knows Galata? Or if you do not get on the ferry and don't throw bagels at those seagulls, will there ever be a seagull of Istanbul? We immortalize these beautiful moments of yours. We shoot your deepest love, your happiest moment, your most special moment.

Taking pictures is not as easy as it seems. Because there are many factors affecting the light angle, posture, camera, lens of the camera. But here we do the best job for you. All your photos become like portraits. You can be sure of that.


Our professionalism will highlight each moment of your life!