Galata Photography

Galata is like the building block of Istanbul. This is because of the legend. Galata Tower has a legend, and it is also quite romantic. Legend has it that Galata Tower and Maiden's Tower are in love, but the Bosphorus between them stops them from meeting. For years, he has written letters about his love for Galata Tower and his longing for Maiden's Tower. When Hezarfen Ahmet comes here to fulfill his goal of flying, Galata Tower whispers in his ear his love for Maiden's Tower and hands him the letters. Hezarfen delivers the letters to the Maiden's Tower while riding the wind from Istanbul. Maiden's Tower erupts with excitement when she realizes her love is not platonic. The intense sentiments these two lovers had for each other enabled them to defy the centuries and create the most stunning view of Istanbul.

This legend has deeply affected everyone. Regardless of whether they are Turkish or foreign, everyone who hears or reads this has not been able to control their emotions. This is why everyone loves to come and take pictures.

Our View of Galata

Galata has been the starting, ending and levelling point of many loves. We have always been with you, our valued customers, and we continue to be. Our most popular attraction is Galata. As Rooftop Galata, we shoot most of our shots here. This is the most popular place for marriage proposals. There is also a double camera between us and you at this time.

There is no place that such a legendary place has not seen as a pose. Everyone reflects their emotions differently when taking a photo. Someone looks at Galata, someone pretends to hold Galata, etc. Everyone's feelings and expressions are different against Galata. We turn your expressions into memories that you will never forget.


Our professionalism will highlight each moment of your life!